Wednesday, December 10, 2014


     It was always a mystery. You see I knew every night that I went to sleep you were there. You disguised yourself as toys, as clothes as whatever you wanted to be. You were the reason I couldn’t sleep till my mom came in and said goodnight. Its not like she knew it, but deep down inside I felt safe. Its like those words broke down any wall that could keep me contained. It was a simple gesture and really something I looked forward to. I guess I really just needed assurance. You know hours go by and day turns to night, but through out that day we feel a lot of things. We feel sad. We feel hurt. We feel lost. We feel mislead. We feel used. We feel mistreated. We feel abandoned. We feel worthless. We feel stupid. We feel abused. We feel powerless.  The list really could go on forever. I have no evidence of this being true, but I honestly believe that about 1% of the day we feel happy. For a good portion of my life the only time I felt that 1% was before I went to bed.  You were the monster that kept me from a state of REM. You were the monster that needed to be looked for before I went to bed. You were creative and extremely confusing.  You brought fear upon me, but you never seemed to actually harm me. But for some strange reason I was convinced that you were made to destroy me. I was convinced the only purpose you served was to grab me by my foot and drag me under the bed where I would be reduced into nothing. I never wanted to tell anybody, but you frightened me. Truth is I couldn’t tell any one because it just seemed silly. Its weird because I knew there was nothing you could do to me, well nothing that could ruin me
     I firmly believe there is something we all fear a little too much. For each of us something has really dug deep into our skin. We are convinced that it is going to destroy us and we end up a bit paranoid. For some reason it has a lot of power over us. What has power over you? Does it really have the ability to harm you? The monster under the bed doesn’t exist.

Signed by,
A Man Chasing His Dreams

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Cup of Joe.

The taste you provided was nice. It was something that quenched my thirst for a moment. Not only that you seemed to provide me this false perception of being awake. I never really considered you an addiction; it was more of an appreciation. But I guess that’s a lie we all tell ourselves. Or is it, did I really appreciate what you did for me. For a moment I felt revived, a sense of hope was all I needed, but that was far from achievable. After awhile I started to become used to you. I depended on what you would give, but in reality I received nothing worth mentioning. In fact I wanted no body to know how much I depended on you. I am kind of known as an independent thinker and would not want me depending on you to ruin that. Now that I think about it, you actually ruin all of me. You taste good, but make me feel so disgusting after. You made me believe that with out you I could not function through out the day. I always wanted more of you, but too much and I could crash. You see you are the very reason I cannot sleep at night. But just like any bad cup of coffee I could modify you into what flavor I want. If I added a little bit of sugar you tasted a little sweeter. A little creamer and the bitterness was gone. It was an easy way of disguising the bad taste you left in my mouth with out all that extra stuff.  You were my cup of Joe.
I believe in life we all have something we depend a little too much on. Deep down inside we know there is something that has a little too much control over us. It is not always the case that we feel disgusting after, but come on there is something we want to change.
Do not get me wrong I am a big fan of the things we have been blessed with in this world, but have you ever stopped to think of what value many of these things produce in your life? If you are being honest with yourself than you realize they produce no value to you. And really have no worth in your life.
 In the book of John we see this scripture 1 John 2:15-17
“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever”.
For each of us these very things may differ, but deep down we know there is something we need to let go of. There is something holding us back from the truth. Something that’s not letting us reach our potential. What is your cup of Joe?

Signed By,

A Man Chasing His Dreams

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Understanding The Canvas

Its kind of crazy; at one moment you were just a blank canvas. You looked like you produced no value and millions of people could walk by and never acknowledge that you existed. I’m sure it was painful to be ignored, but that’s life and it happens to all of us. It’s actually quite sad, in reality we all really just want to be noticed. Even if it’s just for a moment, it feels nice and that feeling is hard to come by. We live in a world where pain is routine and happiness is a miracle. As the years went by moments of happiness would come and shortly later replaced with scars of distress. These moments shaped you and truth is no really took the time to get to know you. You sat down at places hoping someone might ask how you were doing. That way you could actually tell the truth. But you also knew if anyone actually asked you, they didn’t really care to know. All you really needed was a minute to talk; to have relationship with a person. But I guess these days it is rare.  Rare to find some who cares, someone who loves, and someone who gets it. Even your friends and family will let you down. It sucks, but for some reason you of all people needed to find that out the hard way. It’s weird though you seemed like such a good person. The first thing I think of when I hear trouble most certainly was not you. But for some reason you felt bad luck followed you everywhere you went. I always wanted to say something to you, but I often let my new friends decide if I would or not. You see I knew deep down inside you might want to talk to me. You didn’t need to say anything for me to get it. But there was something really weird about you, its like you watched everyone all the time. I remember one day I was at my locker and you were sitting there and I simply said, “What’s up dude” you didn’t really reply, but the smile on your face showed a glimpse of hope. I still see it and often wonder if I would have stuck around for a little bit longer if you’d be here. Maybe if I didn’t decide to leave you freshman year and hangout with new people things would be different. Its awkward and even years later I still question it all. Life takes some crazy turns, but im not sure you had to do that. Then again, I guess I didn’t really understand you. I guess it took something like this for me to see that you weren’t just a blank canvas. You were a work of art just waiting to be displayed for the world to see. You had an amazing story and heart filled with love. But just like everyone else who doesn’t appreciate art i would walk by and ignore everything you represented.

I remember my first time going to an art museum. The only real reason I was there was to get extra credit for a class. But I had to be there for an hour and check in with my teacher. I walked around the entire place looking at the clock every chance I got hoping it was time to go. Not once did I stop to look at a picture or sculpture and try to understand it. I would just walk by and ignore it all. You see what I didn’t realize then was how much thought was put into those pieces. How much time was taken to create them or even how much value they actually have.

I want to encourage you take a moment of your life and care for someone. You see it’s to often in life that we ignore. Whether we want to believe it or not a lot of the hurt that exist here today is because of us. The lack of love that exists is crazy. I actually don’t understand it at all. Its weird because all of us are just searching for the same thing. We just want to feel wanted, loved, needed, missed, pursued and many other things. But oddly enough we are to eager to walk away instead of giving that away to people.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not hear me out. You see he was a different man. Someone I like to mirror myself after. He literally just loved people. He looked at them as people of worth. He understood what value they produced and how beautiful they are. He was just a solid friend.  He lived life and just loved people the best he could. So my challenge to you is to do just that. Be relational with people step out of your circle and meet someone new. Get to know a stranger. Imagine if we all actually cared about one another. Recognize the beauty we all produce. Don’t just walk by without a care in the world. Take a second and think about the value in front of you. “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”- Aristotle

Signed By,

 A Man Chasing His Dreams

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Masquerade

You are cordially invited to My Masquerade.

Who are you? For long you were the only one who knew me. The one who understood everything about me. You knew just the right amount of milk I liked in my cereal and you understood that I did not like to be bugged when my alarm went off. You are the only one I wanted to be around and frankly the only one I thought wanted to be around me. You were at all my hockey games in fact you were my biggest fan. You came to all my practices even when you didn’t want to be there. You were there the days I was sick and the days I was hurt. You never really said much, but I knew you would listen to whatever dumb story I might tell. Something happened though. You started finding new people and abandoning me. You lost site of who I was and everything I had done.  At school you were one person, but outside you were completely different. You began wearing a mask for every occasion: church, school, sports and even home. Its like each part of the day was different: you needed to perform, to disguise, to entertain and to protect yourself. I think the hardest part was seeing it happen to you when no one else even knew. It is like you cared so much to be the best, but not to be yourself. You got to a point when it seemed like you had it all. Then each night the moon went down the lights inside turned off and you felt like you accomplished nothing. Sure you weren’t the best at school, but everything else worked well for you. You had nice clothes a pretty girlfriend and more friends then you could count. Your life would make a great TV show, well because you are just the person everyone wants be. You had joy, faith, promise and hope. But then again those were just mask. No one truly knew who you were. Maybe that’s why you liked Batman so much. I mean he did have a really cool mask, that’s kind of something you aspired to have. Mystery was kind of cool to you, but I don’t think you ever imagined it would end like this. This was a tale of hope where the hero also became the villain. But really who are you? Wait; do I even want to know? This answer could destroy me. I could lose the only person I ever cared about. The only one who knew me, my biggest fan. You know what just tell me. Let me have it. HELLO, are you going to tell me? Why aren’t you responding to me? Okay honestly what’s the deal? Come on, I can see you. Take off that mask and answer me. Why did you do it? Why did you leave me? Okay cool you are not going to answer me. Well fine, ill take of the mask for you. Who is the masked man? The answer is ME.
This may come off as repetitive and similar to my pervious post in terms of identity. However I feel this is important and something we need to dig deeper into. In the book of Jeremiah God tells Jeremiah to go down to the potters’ house and he will give him a message. There he sees the potter working at his wheel. At that point he witnesses something, “ But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him”. I take this as a reference because I often feel in times of trouble we begin to worry. You may or may not see it this way, but worries often stray us from reality. The marred jar seems like it has no hope and we do the same in times of conflict. We put on mask and pretend that everything’s great, when in reality we are slowly breaking and at any moment we will shatter. Someone can come up to us and ask us how our day has gone and our immediate response is, not to bad. It changes who we are and what we have become.  You see in my story I never mention anything specific being the cause of my change. It is because for so long I masked the very identity I was given in order to be who you wanted me to be. Who my coach wanted me to be. Who my friends wanted me to be. Who my parents wanted me to be. What the world wanted me to be. I often think we lose site of who we were made to be. We are Independent thinkers and creative engineers.  You know people of worth. It is actually quite confusing how we have let people shape us so easily.  I’ am currently reading a book called The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus and he describes, “Sometimes the hand of God presses us and creates unwanted discomfort”. I Believe instead of worrying about it we should trust that the creator would finish his masterpieces.
Erwin McManus, briefly talks about artisan bread and what it takes to make such a bread. What makes artisan bread uniquely different from factory made bread is that no piece will ever look the same. I feel like often we resort to all being made from a factory. None quite different from each other except for our expiration date. God made each and every one us to be different. Used for different purposes and to ultimately be our selves and nothing else.  Just like artisan bread you were made in such a way to never look the same or be what society tells you to be.
Just like the clay jar will become marred, you to will face times of discomfort and probably be unsure of the finished product, but I firmly believe that you will do amazing things and you were made for a purpose even through those weird awkward times. This may seem out of context, but it’s a revelation that sparked in my heart through reading. Here God is talking to Israel, noting that he has the authority and power to create, as he must. I think that makes sense and ultimately its how life works. We cannot control the bumps, but we can control how we react. If we worry, we hurt. If we don’t allow these worthless worries to burden us we see the good.
 I guess the reason I feel so strongly about this is because I too needed to realize I have been made to not just dream, but be active. Not to worry about small cracks on the outside. I was made for so much more. Its possible the very reason we wear these mask is because we allow other to dream for us. Maybe schools not really your thing, but it is your parents. The activities we do begin to shape us and when we become a bit marred we put on a mask and act like it never happened. We lose a little of our self each day. I believe we need to hurt. Yeah it sucks, but it produces something that makes it feel all that much greater in the end.
Erwin McManus said, “ To pursue a dream, is to invite a nightmare”.  When we dream we forget that there will be bumps and bruises. We try to avoid the hurt, so our dreams are hidden. This day in age it seems like at birth we are given a sleep therapy mask, which we never take off. So our dreams never become a reality. Maybe its time you take off your mask.
My Masquerade has been cancelled.
*inspired by The Artisan Soul
Signed By,
 A Man Chasing His Dreams

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Painted Mirrors

      I opened the door and everything went pitch black. I walked in and suddenly my legs locked up and I couldn’t move anymore. I knew if I took another step something would happen to me. I would end up stranded in a deep hole only to find myself drowning in my own tears. I mean what’s going on? I thought for sure if I took off and got away from everyone I would be safe.  My life is a mess and the reality is no one knows it. I’ am not a very good artist, but I can paint a pretty face that tells a story that ends well. The truth is I feel dirty, ugly, and useless and at times I want to start from scratch. Maybe that’s what I need to do. I will pack a bag leave this place I call home and get new friends and never talk to my family and get a job at a small coffee shop somewhere in Paris. Yeah, that’s it. Sounds good to me. Its all coming together my life will be just the way I have……Wait what am I thinking. That would never work, my luck is so terrible that the very evil that haunts me here will buy a first class ticket to destroy my life. At that point my legs unlock and I’ am able to move again and I start to take a step into reality. Now I’ am in a huge room, one wall is painted with the words “ I LOVE YOU”.  Who me? No that’s not possible, someone cannot possibly love me.  On another wall reads “Wonderfully Made”. UMMM come on now I’ am not as wonderful as you might think. I have done things that would make people never want to talk to me.  The next wall has a giant picture of Earth on it and reads “ World Changer”. I wonder whom that is for, because there is no way anyone would ever count on me to do that. Might as kill me now, because if hope rest in my hands the world is doomed. I begin to turn to the next wall and there is no words, but a giant mirror that reaches corner to corner, but I don’t see my physical self, it’s a silhouette that is filled in with many words of love.
     The question that ponders deep in our hearts is can someone really love us. Well yes, I believe 100% in my heart that God loves each and every one of us no matter what harm we have produced or how worthless we feel. You do not need to feel ugly because you were meant for so much more. It is true you are wonderfully made, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well ”. I promise you are much more needed than you might believe. Life takes us on this roller coaster of a ride and often we feel useless and the exact opposite of wonderful. Truth is God sees so much in you.
     You are so loved, I know its weird to think that someone could possibly love pedophiles, murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals, homophobes, alcoholics, child abusers, porn addicts, and racists. The reality is if you take every one of those words and bring them to God all he see’s are his children. No difference at all just people of worth when in reality we feel worthless. He loves us all the same, none greater and none any less. If we are being honest with our selves each one of us has done some pretty rotten things. None of us are perfect; in fact we will never be close to perfect. But Jesus allows us to be born into righteousness.
     I believe fully with my heart that you all possess the ability to change the world. The crazy thing is that God wants to partner with you in doing this. He is the creator of the universe and I believe if he really wanted to he could snap his fingers and things would be the way he would like it to be. But that would be selfish, The Jesus I love and God I follow is a loving God. With that he allows us to partner with him and build a relationship with him. He allows us to be World Changers. That’s what my heart desires to do. To change the world in the name of Jesus.

     Typically the image we see in a mirror isn’t exactly as we would like it to be. Maybe our eyes are not the right color our nose is too big our head to small our waist too large. God sees a mirror painted with Love. His child. His friend. His creation. His Joy. His story. His disciple. His partner. You are everything. You are so incredibly loved and needed. Never feel ugly because you were meant to be something to somebody. You may not know it, but its true you are a beautiful creation.

Signed By,

A Man Chasing His Dreams

Monday, May 12, 2014

I Do Not Think They Will Sing to Me

Hey People,

Im back. Well this week is a little different. I will not be writing anything by myself, but I will be partnering with a friend of mine. I asked him to write something and what he wrote blew me away. This week might be a little long, but I encourage you too take time to read it all. Its important and we need to realize how real these tips of thing are.Here it is.

I want to start off by telling you a story. This story is a real life experience and touches on a moment of worship. I hope that somehow you can relate. 

It was a very strange thing to see, its almost as if I were in a circus. There was so much going on that I didn’t know what to do nor did I know what to look at. Was I suppose to move a certain way? Was it strange if I just stood there. Did I need to sit down like the guy beside me in awe. The music was loud, I could hear everything they had to say, but at the same time  I couldn’t understand  any of it. Honestly I never heard words put into lyrics in any way like this before. Some people looked so happy with smiles brighter than the sun. Others looked as if they just lost someone dear to them.  I mean this wasn’t my first time in a place like this, but it was the first time I experienced such confusion. Time went by as the music played and slowly but surely the confusion began to fade. Thoughts of joy would come and for the first time in months I felt happy. You see the people around me didn’t know, but at home I was a mess. At this moment though I felt something different. Something was upon me. Something I've never experienced in my life. Just as soon as I felt that joy upon myself I crashed. BOOM! In an instant I was done. The next thing I know I was staring directly into the eyes of myself. Short clips of moments in my life were haunting me . They ran through my mind like a motion blur.
Before I knew it, I was swimming in my own tears. It happened. I caved in. I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to be here,"why did I come here….this is so stupid”
My friends who quite frankly, I hardly knew asked me what was wrong, “ Nothing, I replied I just want to be alone… leave me alone”. I walked outside minutes passed and I just started putting myself back together when a man came and sat beside me. It was weird: he just sat there and didn’t say anything to me. I kept looking at him waiting for some clever statement, but nothing. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and began asking this random guy questions he clearly wouldn’t know, “Whats wrong with me? Why am I crying? Why is it so different here”. You see at this point I was even more confused than ever.  So many questions lingered through my mind, but no answers were given. The man looked at me and said, "can I pray for you”.I said yes and he did just that. He said nothing fancy in his prayer, but something happened at that moment. Something that made me want to go back in and sing along.So I walked  back into the room . The words became clear to me as I listened. I sang the words as if I not only knew them, but I meant them and at this moment I felt like I was singing with a purpose. A purpose to say thank you. I felt like I needed to just talk , but not to someone beside me. Someone I couldn’t see. Someone I knew was listening. Its at that moment I understood the circus that was in front of me. For the first time I knew what it was like to be the guy who just sat there in awe, for the first time I knew what it felt like to be happy for no real apparent reason. For the first time I knew what It felt like to be the person who looked as if they lost some one. it all came together. I experienced worship.

 This story is my real life experience. You see it was at that time I understood what worship was. I encourage you to look back to an experience of worship that changed you. Now i want to hand it over to my friend.

Mahatma Gandhi said these words. Why he did I do not know. Did he even believe in God? I do not know that either. All I know is that I believe these words are truth, and it's funny when you find truths that fit a season of your life so perfectly that you are reminded of the simple truths you threw aside, until they come back to you in a way that makes you have to fall on your knees and say "God why have I forsaken You!"
Worship through music is my calling in life. It is what He made me to do. He made us all to worship Him with song, in reality, but He's placed on my heart this certain passion with it. I've always believed and felt that there is something powerful and amazing with music that we often times forget. We watch a musical and secretly we all wish that we could break out into song and sing as part of normal life, yet we fear that. I don't know maybe that's just me, but I would bet it's not. I would bet that there is something in each of us that desperately wishes that. And here is why.
This past two month has been difficult for me. Are my problems of great importance or anything? No they aren't. They are silly and in eternal view really have no effect on my eternity. Yet I am hurt, and to deny that hurt would be to deny my true feelings and my true self. I can't deny that I feel lonely, heartbroken, and lost. I can't ignore the fact that for the past season of change I have felt simply this: meaningless. And then I was reminded of a story I had told many times before.
It's the story of the man who died for me. You see, I was walking down this road and as I walked I lived and did stuff to bring gratification to my flesh. Stuff so disgusting and disturbing that I am to ashamed to share. As I was walking and not paying attention I didn't realize that as I was about to cross a street a car was headed right for me. In the blink of an eye death was intimate. With it's black cape and sharp scythe, it reached out its boney hand and was ready to take me. And then a man I had never seen before jumped out and saved me. He wore nothing but scrubs and was gruff. If you saw him you would not realize that he was a hero, a legend. I had heard about him my whole life growing up but never thought I'd actually encounter him, actually get to meet him. All I knew about him were the myths, the stories. All I knew was his name. His name was Jesus.
It's an easy metaphorical way to look at it. You might look at it and groan or read it and say that's stupid. But it's truth. Jesus died for us. He saved us from the death we deserved. He took his place on the cross where we belonged cause He loves us. And you've heard the story a thousand times whether you are a Christian or not. But here is what You might not have ever thought of or known (or at least I didn't).
When Jesus was on the cross, right before He dies he says "my God my God, why have you forsaken me!" (Matthew 27:46). But did you know that those exact words are also found elsewhere in the bible? Written years before Jesus was even born. In Psalm 22 verse 1, David began a song with the words "my God my God, why have you forsaken me". The Jews knew this and they began to think Jesus was calling to Elijah.
You see, right before Jesus died He worshiped The Lord through song. In His most desperate, lost, lonely, time when His body was destroyed He sang songs of worship to The Father.  How intense is that? Of what value does this up the importance of singing. If this is the final act of Jesus before He died on the cross, what does that say about the importance of singing? To me, it means it is of the upmost importance.
So whether times are good or bad. Whether you feel on top of the world or lost in the bottom of a black hole. Whether you are alone or in the middle of a crowded mall. Whether you are at church or on the streets in some bar. Do this: sing. For as Gandhi said, it is not superstitious. It is more real of an act then any other we could ever do. It is what The Lord made us all to do no matter how good or bad we sound. We were made to sing.- David Stahlnecker

Singing is worship, even to the point of death Jesus worshiped. How do you worship? Why is it important to you? 

Signed By,

A Man Chasing His Dreams

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Dream And The Diversity

The very reason i started this whole blog was to inspire. While the very root of what i believe comes from life of Jesus and who i am is today is because of who he was even to the point of death. Whether you believe it or not i have one hope and thats to see this world transformed. You see there is a large group of people out there who want nothing, but the same thing to happen. I know so many people who are out there looking to inspire. So today I hope to share a little bit about what i feel about these people and what they are doing for you. These guys are all very different, but have inspired me in different ways.

The first is two gentlemen, which I have had the privilege of becoming not just friends, but brothers too as well. What started as a simple idea to create a clothing brand has turned into a movement to inspire not theirs, but YOUR DREAMS. You see Tony and Tommy do not come from the same background as i do, nor do their Dreams look like mine. Yet they produce this unthinkable desire to Inspire the world to DREAM as big as you possibly can and chase after those DREAMS. The Character these guys produce, will in fact change the world. I would like to introduce you to

The next person I would like to introduce you to is a young man i had the honor of being In a Associate Student Body class with. His name is Diego Rios. This guy is doing something I see as amazing, that not many would step out and pursue. I never really have had the chance to talk to him about what he's is doing, but just by getting a glimpse of his Facebook you see the heart this man has. He is a Youth Speaker looking to reach out and inspire the generation now TOUCH.MOVE.INSPIRE. He explains his desires, "My goal is to spread a ripple effect of Inspiration & encourage all to follow their goals". Here is Diego Rios.

The Next man I would like to introduce you is a guy I have seen grow so much in the last couple Years. He's a man who pursues a Dream to reach people with his music. His Name is David Stahlnecker. David writes song that literally captures Love, beauty and creativity all in one. But if Music wasn't enough he spends each day looking to bless and encourage people. He desires nothing, but for the world to Know about Jesus. And Now David has the oppurtunity to go to Ethiopia and tell people about Jesus. Here is my good Friend David.

these are ordinary people doing 

not so ordinary things. All though they come from different background 

they Pursue something very similar and thats a DREAM. a DREAM to see a 

world transformed By YOU. These right here are some of the most selfless 

men i have ever met. Its interesting to me to see how these guys are taking 

every day and making their dreams a reality. I would encourage you to 

connect with these guys and check out their Facebooks and Encourage them 

to keep going after these things.

Now the last man i want to introduce you to Is JESUS. You see he had a 

DREAM too. It was to inspire a world to live a life of Love. Whether you are 

a believer or not, we all produce a characteristic that Jesus himself has. Just 

like him my hope is to inspire a world to Love and to find freedom. I believe 

that Jesus brings those things and its up to you to Chase after that. He's so 

fun to partner with and has us run after our Dreams.

I call these men THE DREAM CHASERS

                                         A Man Chasing His Dreams

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This is a real thing!

So i figured id try this out. Im no writer and you will probably find at least 50 errors in each of my sentences. But what i do have is a love for Jesus and somethings just shouldn't be kept in. I know many people may never even look at this, but for those who do i would encourage you to give me feedback and just talk Jesus with me. Now let me get right to the point:

I understand that people may or may not agree with the life I'm living. But my question is why? What wrong does my passion do. It provides: hope, joy, love ,forgiveness , patience etc. It produces the thing that people desperately seek daily, but can't find. My love for Jesus has given me answers to all the question you might still ponder.

You see i don't believe in Jesus because my parents forced me to attend Church every weekend. I don't believe in him because it was a cool thing to do or even because the bible exist. But i believe in him, because at my breaking point that even those closest to me don't know existed he was there. For the first time in my life i felt Loved and i understood what love was He wasn't just there in some spiritual sense, but he was literally there. You see Jesus makes sense. I've seen things that not even doctors could explain, but because of faith through prayer these occurred. I've seen lives restored and people made new. My hearts desires is for people to feel and understand that same love i receive everyday of my life. I have a full story but writing it all wouldn't make any sense. id rather talk to you and that why i made this. Jesus is hard to follow at times and I'm just being completely honest.  But its so worth it and i would never turn back from this life. Its real and he is alive.

If you made it to this point. I just want to tell you that you are so loved. "But michael you're just saying that and you don't mean it"… No thats not the case. I honestly know that he loves you so much.. You may not understand that or never want to believe that someone actually cares so much for you. but just so you know i believe in you. I know deep inside you desire a life of Joy, freedom and Love…. you can have that.. its completely accessible to you if you want it. and know i have a lot of love for you too. Not because i have to, but because i know you're human and you want to be loved. Jesus showed me love and i want to do the same. 

Signed by,
A Man Chasing his Dreams