Friday, March 20, 2015

The Same, But Different.

     Your smile represents a sense of euphoria, your frown a sense of melancholy. It may not be apparent, but sometimes our stars do align and if only for a moment we unite. Our breath both coincide with life and our time is limited. If there is something we have missed it is each other.  On one end life represent love from above and the alternative has no explanation of existence, but chance. I’m in no way saying that you have miscalculated. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to often questioning; if your answers were factual. It was here I learned that 2+2 is not the only way to come to 4. When our faiths collide it only begins to describe when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Oh how we continue to disagree. I frequent the thought of your explanation never existing.  I guess it is needed and in this case,“ The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Oh how we need one another. At some point we both asked, “ What time is it?” If no response was warranted we looked to the clock only to be given a tick and if we were lucky a tock. At that moment we looked deep into the hearts of each other and asked, “What if we are wrong?”
     Science aside your view on me is not pretty. I am rotten, untrustworthy and conceded.   Not to insult you, but your thought is about as accurate as the correlation to ice creams sales increasing murder rates. I’ am sure you know correlation does not equal causation. I could say my interpretation of you is defined by beauty, wisdom and grace. That would only be stretching the truth.  You do posses those characteristics, but often I see what you see in me.
     But if we could grasp theory of mind, we might understand that when cut we both bleed.  At the end of the day all we have left is hope. We may not fully understand each other’s, but when the day meets night we are dizygotic twins from the same creator. Whether it is chance or purpose, we need each other now more then ever. I guess all I am asking is that we try. Not to try to walk in each other’s shoes, but maybe take a walk together. Oh how similar we are.

Signed by,

A Man Chasing His Dreams