Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Dream And The Diversity

The very reason i started this whole blog was to inspire. While the very root of what i believe comes from life of Jesus and who i am is today is because of who he was even to the point of death. Whether you believe it or not i have one hope and thats to see this world transformed. You see there is a large group of people out there who want nothing, but the same thing to happen. I know so many people who are out there looking to inspire. So today I hope to share a little bit about what i feel about these people and what they are doing for you. These guys are all very different, but have inspired me in different ways.

The first is two gentlemen, which I have had the privilege of becoming not just friends, but brothers too as well. What started as a simple idea to create a clothing brand has turned into a movement to inspire not theirs, but YOUR DREAMS. You see Tony and Tommy do not come from the same background as i do, nor do their Dreams look like mine. Yet they produce this unthinkable desire to Inspire the world to DREAM as big as you possibly can and chase after those DREAMS. The Character these guys produce, will in fact change the world. I would like to introduce you to

The next person I would like to introduce you to is a young man i had the honor of being In a Associate Student Body class with. His name is Diego Rios. This guy is doing something I see as amazing, that not many would step out and pursue. I never really have had the chance to talk to him about what he's is doing, but just by getting a glimpse of his Facebook you see the heart this man has. He is a Youth Speaker looking to reach out and inspire the generation now TOUCH.MOVE.INSPIRE. He explains his desires, "My goal is to spread a ripple effect of Inspiration & encourage all to follow their goals". Here is Diego Rios.

The Next man I would like to introduce you is a guy I have seen grow so much in the last couple Years. He's a man who pursues a Dream to reach people with his music. His Name is David Stahlnecker. David writes song that literally captures Love, beauty and creativity all in one. But if Music wasn't enough he spends each day looking to bless and encourage people. He desires nothing, but for the world to Know about Jesus. And Now David has the oppurtunity to go to Ethiopia and tell people about Jesus. Here is my good Friend David.

these are ordinary people doing 

not so ordinary things. All though they come from different background 

they Pursue something very similar and thats a DREAM. a DREAM to see a 

world transformed By YOU. These right here are some of the most selfless 

men i have ever met. Its interesting to me to see how these guys are taking 

every day and making their dreams a reality. I would encourage you to 

connect with these guys and check out their Facebooks and Encourage them 

to keep going after these things.

Now the last man i want to introduce you to Is JESUS. You see he had a 

DREAM too. It was to inspire a world to live a life of Love. Whether you are 

a believer or not, we all produce a characteristic that Jesus himself has. Just 

like him my hope is to inspire a world to Love and to find freedom. I believe 

that Jesus brings those things and its up to you to Chase after that. He's so 

fun to partner with and has us run after our Dreams.

I call these men THE DREAM CHASERS

                                         A Man Chasing His Dreams

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This is a real thing!

So i figured id try this out. Im no writer and you will probably find at least 50 errors in each of my sentences. But what i do have is a love for Jesus and somethings just shouldn't be kept in. I know many people may never even look at this, but for those who do i would encourage you to give me feedback and just talk Jesus with me. Now let me get right to the point:

I understand that people may or may not agree with the life I'm living. But my question is why? What wrong does my passion do. It provides: hope, joy, love ,forgiveness , patience etc. It produces the thing that people desperately seek daily, but can't find. My love for Jesus has given me answers to all the question you might still ponder.

You see i don't believe in Jesus because my parents forced me to attend Church every weekend. I don't believe in him because it was a cool thing to do or even because the bible exist. But i believe in him, because at my breaking point that even those closest to me don't know existed he was there. For the first time in my life i felt Loved and i understood what love was He wasn't just there in some spiritual sense, but he was literally there. You see Jesus makes sense. I've seen things that not even doctors could explain, but because of faith through prayer these occurred. I've seen lives restored and people made new. My hearts desires is for people to feel and understand that same love i receive everyday of my life. I have a full story but writing it all wouldn't make any sense. id rather talk to you and that why i made this. Jesus is hard to follow at times and I'm just being completely honest.  But its so worth it and i would never turn back from this life. Its real and he is alive.

If you made it to this point. I just want to tell you that you are so loved. "But michael you're just saying that and you don't mean it"… No thats not the case. I honestly know that he loves you so much.. You may not understand that or never want to believe that someone actually cares so much for you. but just so you know i believe in you. I know deep inside you desire a life of Joy, freedom and Love…. you can have that.. its completely accessible to you if you want it. and know i have a lot of love for you too. Not because i have to, but because i know you're human and you want to be loved. Jesus showed me love and i want to do the same. 

Signed by,
A Man Chasing his Dreams