Wednesday, December 10, 2014


     It was always a mystery. You see I knew every night that I went to sleep you were there. You disguised yourself as toys, as clothes as whatever you wanted to be. You were the reason I couldn’t sleep till my mom came in and said goodnight. Its not like she knew it, but deep down inside I felt safe. Its like those words broke down any wall that could keep me contained. It was a simple gesture and really something I looked forward to. I guess I really just needed assurance. You know hours go by and day turns to night, but through out that day we feel a lot of things. We feel sad. We feel hurt. We feel lost. We feel mislead. We feel used. We feel mistreated. We feel abandoned. We feel worthless. We feel stupid. We feel abused. We feel powerless.  The list really could go on forever. I have no evidence of this being true, but I honestly believe that about 1% of the day we feel happy. For a good portion of my life the only time I felt that 1% was before I went to bed.  You were the monster that kept me from a state of REM. You were the monster that needed to be looked for before I went to bed. You were creative and extremely confusing.  You brought fear upon me, but you never seemed to actually harm me. But for some strange reason I was convinced that you were made to destroy me. I was convinced the only purpose you served was to grab me by my foot and drag me under the bed where I would be reduced into nothing. I never wanted to tell anybody, but you frightened me. Truth is I couldn’t tell any one because it just seemed silly. Its weird because I knew there was nothing you could do to me, well nothing that could ruin me
     I firmly believe there is something we all fear a little too much. For each of us something has really dug deep into our skin. We are convinced that it is going to destroy us and we end up a bit paranoid. For some reason it has a lot of power over us. What has power over you? Does it really have the ability to harm you? The monster under the bed doesn’t exist.

Signed by,
A Man Chasing His Dreams

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